Amaru, also in the waterside location, offers Japanese ceviches, salads and sashimi with a Peruvian twist.

We tried a few of the take-out options available that are also served in its 15-seater eatery.

Spicy steamed edamame, £4

This is an exciting way to gorge on greens - tasty enough to make you crave more than your five-a-day. Amaru's fiery take on this oriental staple features Togarashi chilli salt, which brings the dish alive with the freshness of the delicate soya bean revealed. Adding the dip on enhances the flavours.

Seaweed, £5

This his hefty roll was a complete surprise - and my dish of the day. It might have looked like a caterpillar but it's actually a hearty portion of moist, shredded vegetables paired with soft avocado - the wakame and hijinki add heat too.

Toasted sesame crusted tuna, £8

Proving a dish can have both substance and style this is an ideal lunchtime snack if you're after sashimi with a twist. The magic is in the alternating chunks of fresh, creamy avocado and the bite of succulent seeded fish, tangy onions and indulgent truffle.

Green tea tirimasu, £4

This naughty treat feels sneakily healthy with a delicate zing of green tea, frothy mascarpone and hearty layers of airy soft sponge. It came with an attractive fork-themed stencil design - but that was demolished in an instant.

Lychee and Valrhona Grand Cru chocolate truffles, £5.

These came packaged in a cute box that would make a delightful gift for a special someone. They proved rather a tasty bite, however as we gave into the powerful temptation, although the strong powdery, chocolatey taste did overpower any hint of the fruity liqueur supposedly within these sweeties.

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