Emma Willis has crafted a career from fronting shows that feature wannabes – the hopeful on The Voice UK and the fame hungry on Big Brother. Her natural and relaxed presenting style has seen her being likened to the female equivalent of the uber slick X Factor host Dermot O’Leary .

On Wednesday (February 22), Emma will join her “twin” Dermot to co-host The Brit Awards at The O2 after Michael Bublé was forced to pull out. It’s a huge gig for the mum-of-three, one that will give her profile a stellar boost. Our Witch Twitch cast the runes to see how she will fare…

Scratch The Surface

Dermot O'Leary and Emma Willis will host the Brits at The O2, Greenwich

The cards present an image of a hugely ambitious and goal-oriented individual – kind of like a mini-me Davina but less irritating. She has the energy and self-belief to break down walls which has seen her metamorphose from an undistinguished teen model to the golden go-to-choice for TV presenting gigs.

Don’t be fooled by her down-to-earth and relaxed persona. Our guides say the 40-year-old is fiercely competitive with a love of cash that could rival that of Kris Jenner’s.

Couple this with her desire for status and power and you can see La Willis is no ordinary broad. But let’s not judge. The cards show this drive and ambition is in part fuelled by a real desire to provide for her loved ones, to be able to give them the best of everything.

However, our Witch Twitch warns the Gillette Venus razor ambassador (kerching!) needs to relax more where money is concerned and to enjoy what she has achieved in the here and now. Business should never get in the way of pleasure.

Love and Romance

Matt Willis from Busted

The cards suggest the angelic-faced Emma may come across as a lady in the street but she’s a freak in the… we’ll leave you to fill in the blank. She’s cute and sexy – and she knows it. Our guides say this is one lady who likes to get physical. Hey, it helps keep that killer bod in shape.

When this chick loves, she does it for life. As Tammy puts it: Stand By Your Man – and that’s exactly what she’s done with husband Busted band member Matt Willis and his well-documented battles with addiction.

They share three beautiful children and are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary shortly so the Celebrity Big Brother host can rightly stand back and say to all those doubters: “I told you so.”

However, our Witch Twitch says it’s not all a bed of roses. There may be some more trouble ahead, with an individual coming into Emma’s sphere, making it perfectly known that she is what he desires.

Native American Totem

Grey wolf

The cards show that Emma is under the influence of the Native American Totem Wolf. She is a pathfinder who returns to the clan to share her knowledge and experiences.

As someone who runs with wolves, this little braveheart is fiercely loyal and protective to those she loves. The cards suggest she is happy to play her role within the clan and she believes in extended family values when it comes to childcare.

She loves her bambinos but she’s no stay-at-home mum. It takes a village to raise a child. Our Witch Twitch says the presenter would be advised to take herself off to an “alone” place from time to time. It’s where she will always find the answers to that which she seeks.

Tarot Guide

King of Pentacles

There is nothing the TV presenter cannot achieve especially as her tarot guide is the King of Pentacles. His presence in her orbit means she has “the Midas touch”.

Like a magnet, she can attract anything to her. However, this can be both good and bad so, our guides say, she needs to be careful for what she wishes.

The King of Pentacles represents an enterprising and reliable personality. He shows the lucky few he chooses how to play the game of life and then reap its rewards. In the earthly realm he would be played by either Simon Cowell or Simon Fuller both of whom, the tarot shows, could work magic on Emma’s career.

Our Witch Twitch says Emma needs to make the most of the King of Pentacles patronage for with it she can go for gold – and get it!

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