A more grown up sound – it’s not about being bootylicious, it’s about life and love,” is how Charity Hair – one third of Red Sky July – describes their Americana sound.

She and her Texas guitarist Ally McErlaine and former Alicia’s Attic member Shelly Poole have been working together for eight years and all live in Muswell Hill and are preparing for the Country Collective showcase at the East Wintergarden on Wednesday.

As they reach the halfway phase in creating their untitled third album Charity takes a break to talk about working with a couple (referring to herself and Shelly being Ally’s “two very bossy blonde wives”) and how the band managed to work through Ally’s brush with death following a brain aneurysm in 2009.

She said: “When I was told I could come out and speak about the coming show today I was so excited – we’ve been stuck underground like mole crickets just working away at this album. We are hoping to have it completed by mid-March so we want to really stick at it.

Red Sky July, left to right, Charity Hair, Shelly Poole and Ally McErlaine

“It’s really amazing we’re doing this though after Ally’s aneurysm – it’s a miracle he’s still here let alone playing the guitar still. The doctors never thought he’d walk or talk again but I think Shelly was willing him on so much, he couldn’t not recover – you don’t say no to Shelly.”

Since the release of their debut album in 2012, they have attracted much critical acclaim and have performed alongside Nashville singer/songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Steve Earle, Sheryl Crow and 10cc.

They will now play at the second Country Collective which celebrates the best of emerging country music stars from the UK and USA.

Charity said: “We’re going to enjoy ourselves doing the show, so I hope other people like it too. We’ve all come to sing in an American accent for harmony, but sometimes there’ll be slips. It’s funny because Shelly and I now make exactly the same mistake as each other – we’re very in sync.”

March 4, 7.30pm, £15, Country Collective, East Wintergarden, Bank Street, redskyjuly.com, canarywharf.com