Robbie Williams is ending the UK leg of his Heavy Entertainment Show tour in Stratford.

The iconic pop star will perform at the London Stadium in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Friday, June 23, before touring through Europe.

With a history of chart toppers stretching from Take That’s first appearance in 1990 right up to the release of his latest album The Heavy Entertainment Show in November 2016, Robbie certainly has plenty of hits to choose from.

Here are the five songs we can’t wait to hear him sing.

1. Angels

One of the most iconic songs of the 90s, Angels has it all: deep emotion, a big sing-a-long chorus and a moody black and white video.

Try not to think about the fact the song officially turned 20 this year (it was first released by a baby-faced Robbie in 1997) and instead focus on hitting that high note in the chorus.

2. The Heavy Entertainment Show

Robbie’s most recent release is the title track of both his new album and his tour, and deservedly so. A mixture of slightly folky down-tempo moments and upbeat attitude-filled rocky pop, the song proves this 43-year-old is still a heavyweight when it comes to entertainment.

3. Rock DJ

Guaranteed to get the crowd dancing, Rock DJ is nothing short of a triumph of early noughties pop. Here’s a reminder of the oddly grotesque music video that accompanied this millennium banger. Warning: it may keep you up all night.

4. Rudebox

No celebration of Robbie Williams could be complete with 2006’s eccentric foray into electro-pop with Rudebox.

Moments of lyrical genius to watch out for include “TK Maxx costs less (yes!) / Jackson looks a mess” and “Okay then check the tan line / And make your body shake like you’re stood on a land mine / Call me on my mobile not the land line”.

Warning: He says a few rude words

5. My Way

Rumour has it Robbie has been finishing his shows with a performance of My Way, made famous by Frank Sinatra in 1969. Robbie’s rendition of the song was made famous by his performance at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2001, and it’s bound to be just as much as crowd-pleaser now.

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