Ever wondered what Nina Simone’s daughter’s doing? What do you mean you didn’t know she had one.

Well, she does and, what’s more, you can hear her in Canary Wharf for three nights at Boisdale.

Playing the only London dates on her European tour, Lisa Simone has, according to the press materials been “blessed with a remarkable singing voice and a beguiling stage presence like her mother”.

Having spent years in Broadway musicals Lisa’s jazz singing career took off in 2009 with familial tribute Sing The Truth – The Music Of Nina Simone where she performed to audiences at the Vienna, Montreux and the North Sea Jazz Festivals.

As for her Wharf show, expect plenty of classics presented as interpretations rather than facimilies.

A rendition of Ain’t Got No, I Got Life is almost a certainty.

Go for the surname and, hopefully, stay for the quality of her band and the her voice, reputed to be “rich and soft with immense power”.

Sound familiar? Have a listen below to All Is Well.

9.15pm, Tuesday, January 19-21, £15-£50, Boisdale of Canary Wharf.

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