“When I come on stage people go ‘oh she’s a girl’, says Logan Brill .

“My mum had a dream a week before she found out she was pregnant that someone came up to her and handed her a baby and told her to name it Logan. So boy or girl that was going to be my name.”

The American singer will be taking to the spotlight in Canary Wharf from 7.45pm on Sunday, August 14, as the final act in the Nashville Meets London weekend.

She is jetting across the pond especially for the event in Canada Square Park, which will be her first time performing in the UK.

“I visited for the Olympics in 2012 but I’m very excited about coming back and being on stage here.

“My band and I will be coming a few days early and I’m sure we’ll do all the touristy things. I’ve heard Canary Wharf has a lot of good bars and restaurants to try.”

The 25-year-old was brought-up in a music-loving family in Knoxville, a few hours east of America’s famous country music city Nashville. Her childhood had a soundtrack of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and other rock bands and when she was 11 she began singing in local bars with her brother and fell in love with performing.

“From an early age I knew I had to do something with music but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have a full-time career from it.”

Logan's album cover for Shuteye

Logan moved to Nashville eight years ago to pursue her dream and has released two albums and performed on the same stage as America music stars such as Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle.

She has also graced the stage at legendary venue the Grand Ole Opry five times with a sixth performances lined up for September.

“Seeing Merle Haggard soundcheck was really cool. He was one of the last legends of country music and I was honour to share the same stage as him.”

As well as veterans Nashville is full of other young singers trying to make it big.

“You can throw a rock and hit 18 musicians,” said Logan. “It can be really competitive and when I first moved here I was a bit overwhelmed. But it is also great being in such a creative environment.”

She said the depiction of the city capture in television show Nashville is pretty realistic.

“The pressures of trying to be an artist and the relationship between singers and publishers is well depicted. I have had lots of friends be extras in the show and have seen it being filmed.”

But it can be a hard life sometimes. Logan moved into a new home six weeks ago but so far only spent four nights there.

“I am on the road a lot,” she said. “Living out of a van can be challenging, my must-have item is my headphones, but packing up my gear and going out with four of my best friends to explore the country and coming to places like London is amazing.”

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Staying on track with the ever growing world of social media is sometimes not so easy.

“There are so many different outlets now it can be hard to keep up and people can be competitive about how many followers you have and use it as a judgment of your success.

“It’s against my nature to be a sharer all the time but it is a great way of connecting with fans.

“I read everything because people are mostly really nice and if they write mean things it can be really funny.

“One guy did a video of him taking my CD and throwing it out of his car on the interstate saying it was awful. It made me laugh because he took the time to tag me in it so I would see how much he hated it.

“But when that happens I just think ‘OK, my music isn’t meant for you.’ Everyone is allowed their opinion.”

Nashville Meets London, free but with limited capacity, August 13-14, Canada Square Park


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