Morcheeba singer Skye Edwards and group founder Ross Godfrey will perform a rare unplugged gig at Canary Wharf next month.

Former East Ender Skye shares her memories of her childhood in East Ham and how she’s feeling about the coming show.

What can people expect from this performance at East Wintergarden?

We’ll have a smaller set up than usual, just four of us on stage – myself and Ross and a bass player. Our drummer will play the cajon [a Peruvian box-shaped percussion instrument].

I do find intimate shows incredibly intimidating, but I know it’s a special treat to hear the songs performed differently to the record.

What’s it like doing a gig in Canary Wharf so close to your home patch?

We did a gig in Docklands, many, many years ago. It was outdoors and a lovely sunny day, as I recall.

We also did a TV performance of Tape Loop in the Canary Wharf tower. I think it was for L!ve TV. And we shot our video for Trigger Hippie around that area too, so I guess we’ve come full circle in a way.

I grew up in East Ham. I had a great childhood there. As a teenager they built a dry ski slope in Beckton which was walking distance from my house and where I learnt how to ski.

Morcheeba's Skye entertaining the crowd at an intimate gig on West India Quay on July 27, 2003.

I moved to Stratford when I was 18 and loved my little one-bed flat, even with the cockroaches.

It’s amazing how much Stratford has changed. Mad to have the biggest shopping mall in Europe just round the corner to where I used to live.

What’s your general inspiration for tracks?

Life is the biggest influence for me. Things that I do, places that I go or anyone I meet or read about. It can trigger a thought or emotion that becomes a lyric and a song. Other times, I can be in inspired by the right chords from a piano or guitar. A melody comes and the words almost write themselves.

What’s up next?

I’ve just finished recording my fourth solo album with producer Robert Logan. It’s a very mellow, ambient record. Quite chill-out and down tempo. I’m incredibly proud and happy with it. Should be out there for illegal down load very soon!

April 10, 7.45pm, £20, East Wintergarden, 43 Bank Street, 0871 220 0260,