The Beatles’ be-spectacled genius John Lennon would have celebrated his 75th birthday on Friday, October 9.

To mark his lasting impact on the music world – an influence cut short by his assassination at the age of 40 – Brooklyn Bowl London will dedicate an evening to his music.

The venue will host tribute act Like ….The Beatles for a party fit for “the original rock’n’roll, peace-loving gangsta”.

The bowling alley’s head of music Jake Szufnarowski said: “It’s impossible to overstate John Lennon’s importance to the substance and the mythos of modern music.

“If it wasn’t for him and the blueprints he forged out of the ether, the musical landscape would be a barren scene.

“It’s with great pride Brooklyn Bowl London honours his music, life, and legacy on what would have been his 75th birthday.”

Like... The Beatles – who describe themselves as the UK’s best tribute to the fab foursome – will arrive at North Greenwich decked in replica costumes with similar instruments and equipment.

Audiences can expect renditions of tunes from the band’s early days in Liverpool right through to their last recordings at Abbey Road Studios.