Abel Tesfaye better known as The Weeknd , is one of the hottest R&B artists on the planet, with A-listers like Beyoncé and Bono queuing up to collaborate.

Notoriously shy, he’s only recently stepped into the limelight as a result of his high-profile girlfriends.

The award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter is bringing his Starboy: Legend Of The Fall World Tour to The O2 (March 7-8) . Intrigued by the man of mystery, we happily cast his runes to find out what’s behind the façade.


Bella Hadid attends Chrome Hearts X Bella Hadid Collaboration Launch as part of Paris Fashion Week at Chrome Hearts on March 4, 2017 in Paris

Despite giving the impression he is shy, the Starboy hitmaker can be a real charmer using both words (you’ve heard his songs) and gestures (he likes to give gifts of dogs) to win over the ladies.

The cards show the bedroom is an extension of his personality, where he enjoys the pursuit of excellence and can be surprisingly versatile and creative. Our guides say it’s no coincidence one of his tracks features on Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The cards indicate that love comes fast but can leave even faster – just ask Bella Hadid. Within weeks of breaking up with the teen supermodel he’d been dating for almost two years, he was smooching with new squeeze Selena Gomez.

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To win Abel’s heart the cards show one needs to be more than just a pretty face. Our Abel likes his women to be interesting, with something to say, and often something to hide.

Being able to deal with this chap’s foibles and eccentricities is also very much required if any relationship is to go the distance. Is SelAbel in for the long haul? Our Witch Twitch isn’t convinced, with the runes indicating in the long term Miss Gomez may be a little too clingy for the free-spirited Mr Tesfaye.

Scratch The Surface

Recording artists The Weeknd and Stevie Wonder at a celebration of music with Republic Records, in partnership with Absolut and Pryma, at Catch LA on February 12, 2017 in West Hollywood

There’s an air of mystery about The Weeknd. But the cards suggest that’s exactly how he’s cultivated it. Our guides say he thinks less is more until the right time to reveal all.

Abel is a true visionary who has the ability to grasp and action far-reaching concepts.

The 27-year-old doesn’t allow others to manipulate or guide him. This boy has known where he was going – and how he was going to get there – from the moment he heard Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana.

Our Witch Twitch says there’s no more hiding now, though – the myth is about to become a legend - which is exactly in the Toronto Grand Master’s plan. Drake who?

Tarot Guide

The Magician

The dizzying alternative R&B talent is under the influence of The Magician who creates the power to manifest dreams. Under this influence, the Ethiopian born singer has been transformed from a high school drop-out into a global star.

The Magician helps those he mentors to enjoy all of the abundance life has to offer by empowering them with the ability to focus on their goals. He bestows them with charm, too, lots of it so that Abel will always get what he wants without it being too much of a challenge.

However, our Witch Twitch warns the artist to not abuse these gifts as the shadow side of the Magician can lead to the misuse of power and the manipulation of those closest. Use your power wisely, young Padawan.

The Future Looks Bright

The Weeknd models his Spring Icons collection for H&M Jacket £34.99, hoodie £24.99, trousers £29.99

Already being compared to his inspirations Michael Jackson and Prince, the high flying vocalist is in the ascendant. His music is no longer on the sidelines, crossing smoothly into the mainstream.

The cards show he’s very much a brand now, with his own label, pop hits and even a designer clothing line for H&M . It’s only the beginning. There’s a lot more to come, with collaborations across a number of eclectic platforms, with a diverse range of artists and performers.

However, there’s another much deeper layer to The Hills singer. Our guides say Abel has a social conscience, too. He’s a humanitarian, philanthropic and interested in making a difference.

The cards suggest he knows he has a life purpose and it’s all part of the “deal”. The future shows him championing many causes and using his celebrity status to make a real impact. Our Witch Twitch says continue to believe, and the world will be a better place. The Weeknd starts here.

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