Frontman and lead vocalist for “boy band” Take That Gary Barlow is one of the UK’s most successful songwriters of all time, having written 14 No.1 and 24 top 10 hits.

But his talents do not stop there. Not only does the multi-millionaire musician run his own record production company, write musicals, pen hits for other artists, and sometimes play at being a judge on talent shows like The X Factor and Let It Shine, but also the gifted Gary devotes a huge chunk of his time raising money for a number of different charities for which he received an OBE.

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In keeping with that benevolent side, on Friday, he and his fellow That That Band mates, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, announced that all proceeds from their Wonderland Live gig at the Liverpool Arena – which was originally scheduled to be performed that night at Manchester Arena - would be donated to the We Love Manchester emergency fund.

Take That bring their Wonderland Live tour to The O2 in Greenwich from June 6 to 12.

Back in the day, when we were a ra-ra skirt sporting Thatter, we were always in Gary’s camp, not Robbie’s, so it was with a giddy sense of excitement we shuffled the Tarot cards and consulted the Kau cim to look a bit closer at the saintly singer.

A Star Is Born

Take That in their early days

From an early age Cheshire’s favourite son was always destined to shine – even though it might not have seemed that way to the 15-year-old as he played weekly spots at working men’s clubs.

Our guides say performing on the Northern Club Circuit was where and when the Forever Love singer honed his craft and, possible more importantly, learned the value of hard work.

The Tarot suggests Gary is driven by a need to succeed. He is curious, interested in everything which is why he is never afraid to try new experiences. What’s the worst that could happen? Falling out of favour, dropping off showbiz radars, singles relegated to the basement bin… He’s experienced all that but, our guides say, it’s all part of the Greatest Day hit-maker’s learning curve.

The crystals show it is important the star finds time to relax. He is advised to practice some form of daily meditation – even if it’s just 10 minutes sitting still and daydreaming – otherwise he could find himself quick to temper.

Our Witch Twitch says it’s OK to stop and pat yourself on the back every now and again.

Tarot Guide

Tarot card – Judgement

Our guides show Gary is guided by the Major Arcana Tarot Card Judgment. Under its direction the likeable star has a canny knack of being able to liberate himself from old attitudes.

When channelling Judgment, the singer-songwriter can easily shed old ways, embrace new paths. He can forgive and forget and accept things the way they are. By drawing on its energy, Gary can always find balance and peace.

He can see that no good can come of blaming others or being hard on them or himself. This position keeps Gary light on his feet and arms him with the power to overcome any obstacle or difficulty he encounters. It’s what’s seen him navigate the peaks and troughs of fame, always with a successful outcome. Our Witch Twitch says like a fine wine Gary will simply get better with age.


Gary and Dawn Barlow

You only live once so live it for yourself. That’s the mantra the tarot suggests the showman lives by. This makes for some interesting relationships. Our guides say if people play by Gary’s rules then all is well, if not then he’ll not hold it against them but he’ll waste no time in moving on.

The crystals show he’s a seriously good judge of character. Maybe that’s why his inner circle is so tight. The tarot suggests he can spot a fake and a phony at 100 paces.

Don’t try to pull the wool over this chap’s eyes because, like a wolf, he’ll eat you for breakfast. When it comes to love and romance, he’s thoughtful and caring, responsible and reliable.

He may always need to have his space, feel like he has his freedom, but ultimately Mr Barlow is a keeper as his wife of 17 years, Dawn, can testify. Our Witch Twitch says one reaps what one sows and be careful that freedom doesn’t come at too much of a price.

Future Outcomes

Take That and Robbie Williams join forces again for the One Love concert in Manchester

The Tarot suggests a country that starts with the letter A – Australia or America perhaps – is going to play a big part in the 46-year-old star’s life in the next year or two. An opportunity there will arise that could see the father-of-three relocating with his family for quite some considerable time. Our guides say although it will be a great career move, opening up even more doors to the star, it could create a rift within the family.

He is being advised to ensure those nearest and dearest are not forgotten in the process and that there’s time for them too. A collaboration with an international artist is also in the stars, one which will see Gary truly rule the world.

Despite the sands of time slipping by there really is no slowing down for the gentleman hit-maker.

Our Witch Twitch says although Gary has his own individual destiny to fulfill he understands the key to greatness is to consciously contribute energy towards a group process of evolution.

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