Jim Corr, in the company of his slightly more famous trio of sisters, will take the stage at the world’s most successful entertainment venue for the band’s first show in a decade.

Following the release of White Light in November, 2015, their first since 2004’s Borrowed Heaven, the siblings are back on the road.

The Corrs’ return to the limelight is, apparently down to one sister’s desires with Sharon Corr telling Vibe magazine: “I think Caroline had been thinking about it for a while.

“We had never said never, we are a family, we hadn’t broken up – that would be way too serious and catastrophic. Caroline rang us all and we were all open to it.”

Although tracks off their latest record will doubtless feature, fans can expect a host of old favourites from the likes of Talk On Corners and In Blue to get the North Greenwich arena singing along.

6.30pm, Saturday, January 23, £42.50 - £97.50

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