Much like her heart, Céline Dion’s tour is still going on.

After two huge performances at The O2 in June for the venue’s tenth birthday celebrations, the Canadian songstress is back for two more nights in north Greenwich.

Céline will be playing an array of smash hits from her 30 years in music on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30.

Here are five things you should know.

1. She puts on a good show

Céline received rave reviews for her first two shows at The O2 this year, so if you haven’t seen her before you’re likely to be in for a treat. The Independent gave five stars for her “unstoppable vocals at a flawless show”, while The Metro described Céline’s voice as the eighth wonder of the world. Less enthusiastic, The Telegraph described the show as “cheesy as deep-fried Camembert”, but you can’t please everyone.

2. Céline is cool now

I know. I didn’t expect it, you didn’t expect it. I’m sure Céline didn’t expect it. But it’s official: Céline Dion is cool now. The 49-year-old modelled for Vogue earlier this month, and the fashion magazine insists she’s returned to her ‘icon’ status, while The Guardian has also described her as the fashion icon 2017 needs. And after a year of heartbreak in 2016, when her brother and her husband died just two days apart, The Huffington Post say Céline is coming to terms with her grief and “living her best life” this year.

3. Drake loves Céline more than you do

It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but RnB star Drake has made his feelings for the queen of the power ballad very clear. He was photographed bowing down to Céline backstage at the Billboard Music Awards in May, and GQ reported that he told her he was “about a year away” from getting a tattoo of her inked onto his body. Watch this space.

4. She’s (probably) going to sing My Heart Will Go On

Céline performed My Heart Will Go On at the Billboard Music Awards in May, while clips of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet from Titanic played in the background, in a performance that received a standing ovation and even made co-host Vanessa Hudgens come close to tears. Twenty years since the release of both the film and the song, her haunting vocals are still lodged deeply in the hearts of audiences around the world. So bring your tissues to The O2 get ready to have your own Rose and Jack moment - rumour has it that it’s the penultimate song of the night.

5. You can still buy tickets

Tickets are still available for Céline’s Saturday night show, although Sunday is completely sold out. Doors will open at 6pm on Saturday, July 29, and 5.30pm on Sunday, July 30.

To buy tickets, check here .

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