Britain’s Got Talent is back on our screens, with sassy Alesha Dixon once again taking her seat on the judging panel alongside Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

The down-to-earth celebrity is known for her trademark cackle and sizzling smile but what lies within?

How did this little-known R’n’B girl group singer transform herself into one of the nation’s favourite TV golden girls?

Our Witch Twitch got to work with our crystals to find out.

Destiny Calling

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Despite not being the most talented or often qualified individual in a room this Jill Of All Trades has a knack of being in the right place at the right time.

The Tarot suggests Alesha is not afraid to try something new. Opportunities knock and, even though they may take her out of her comfort zone, the vivacious BGT judge is happy to give them a bash.

Our guides say she has been gifted a “what’s-the-worst-that-can-happen?” attitude which is why success will always find her.

The Tarot shows that whatever route The Boy Does Nothing singer travels it may not lead her to the intended destination but will always result in a prosperous outcome.

Our Witch Twitch says keep the pedal to the metal.

Native American Totem

Alesha flies with the raven giving her positive outlook

Alesha, 38, is under the guidance of Native American Totem Raven. Flying with Raven gifts Alesha with a positive outlook on life.

Her optimistic nature is highly contagious and draws people, especially power players, to her orbit.

Raven is social spirit and prefers to fly with the flock than going solo which is why Alesha continually seeks out groups in which to work and socialise.

She’s just not that good or happy when she’s doing anything on her own and can often result in a downward shift in mood. Raven is idealistic and curious, which can often lead to trouble.

Our Witch Twitch says, as with Raven, Alesha should beware of shiny things – especially in the form of new encounters – as they are not always what they seem.

Friends and Relationships

Is there someone else out there for Alesha? What's stopping her settling down?

The Tarot shows Alesha is always on the lookout to expand her circle of friends.

She’s a mover and shaker happiest when she’s in a room full of people that she has brought together, circling from one to another, chit-chatting about everything from how to make the perfect slaw to the benefits of Spanx.

Our guides say she’s a fun gal to be around. On the romantic front, the Tarot suggests despite being in a six-year relationship with partner Azuka Ononye, with whom she shares three-year-old daughter Azura, Alesha is in no hurry to settle down.

Our guides say she still feels there may be someone else out there for her and, although content, always keeps an eye open to the possibility of being swept off her feet by an international man of mystery.

The crystals show an encounter with someone connected to a new professional project could seriously test her long-term relationship.

Our Witch Twitch warns the grass is not always greener but we sense that will not stop the celebrity from wanting to run barefoot through it. Our advice: Watch out for tics.

Future Outcomes

Alesha is especially good at reinventing herself

Our guides say Alesha is the mother of re-invention. R’n’B girl band member, solo artist, model, Strictly glitterball winner turned panellist, yummy mummy, BGT judge, children’s author.

What you see is what you get until the next opportunity to try something new presents itself. Yet, our guides say, her strength lies in remaining true to her essence. The crystals show this may be challenged in her next venture.

Our guides say Alesha will need to dig deep and remain optimistic in a new, alien environment.

The Tarot shows she may be tested by a powerful industry player, very likely to be a woman, who holds the key to a fabulous new career move.

If Alesha can hold her nerve, remember her roots – maybe even rub a few crystals – she could find herself given a Golden Buzzer fastpass to a pinch-yourself Cinderella Fairytale experience.

Our Witch Twitch advises Alesha when you get the invitation to this glitter ball glide don’t sashay.

Britain’s Got Talent is on Saturdays on ITV from 8pm .

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