Curiously branded in their own listing as “the biggest breakthrough band of 2014” 5 Seconds Of Summer have nevertheless managed to endure well enough for a gig at The O2. Their Sounds Live Feels Live tour not only has a promising title evoking the possibility of performance but follows on from successful shows titled Rock Out With Your Socks Out that saw them play to more than a million people.

That socks are either on or off seems of little consequence to this quartet of young men, who are, perhaps, so often barefoot that they’re unclear on the whole concept.

But then what can you expect from a band whose name evokes an ADHD re-write of 100 Days Of Summer?

A range of exciting VIP packages are on offer in addition to standard tickets. For just £99 fans can attend the group’s soundcheck and participate in a question and answer session after they’ve done it. That and they can buy one of the branded T-shirts before anyone else. Goodness.

6.30pm, Thursday, April 7-8, from £31, The O2 arena

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