Tom Jones and Van Morrison are huge names in their own right, but they will be playing under the same roof for BluesFest at The O2

So with a gig date in common, we wondered if there was anything else these two may share? (prepare for some pretty revealing facts ... )

1. They are both in their 70s

Although Mr Morrison has just entered his seventh decade on the planet, he’s not far behind Tom who is 75 years old and still looking pretty good for his age.

Tom Jones who has at least three whole things in common with Van Morisson

2. They both have autobiographies

Van’s is called Can You Feel The Silence and Tom’s is called Tom Jones: Over The Top And Back.

3. They are both currently on tour.

While Tom’s may be a little smaller (with only two dates up until March 2016) Van is going full throttle with nine dates in the diary ahead of 2016.

6.45pm, Sunday, November 8, £42.50-£108.25, The O2