Vinotech Compass is the only wine-focussed restaurant adjacent to a driving range in London so who better than co-founder Keith Lyon to recommend some liquid refreshment to lubricate the Ryder Cup?

The contest starts on Friday, September 30, so there’s plenty of time to pop over to North Greenwich to source them from the venue’s wine wall ahead of the first drive.

You could even stop in at N1 Golf for a drive or two to get you in the mood or American Golf for a fresh set of clubs while you’re there.

1. Balfour Brut Rose, 2011, £56.50

Let’s start with the bubbles. Hopefully Europe will win so we need something world class with fizz and this is a great sparkling Rose from Kent.

The Balfour Rose is just a beautiful mix of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

It’s just delicate, English, scented and packed with hedgerow fruits. Delicious and great for gulping.

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2. Finca La Anita, Petit Verdot, Mendoza, 2011, £45

Petit Verdot is Bordeaux’s hidden grape, often known as the seasoning grape for the very reason that it only ripens properly in that region very rarely.

In Mendoza in Argentina it ripens to its fullest extent and this is just a beautiful expression of black fruits, pepper and spice.

It’s voluptuous perfection in a glass. Let’s face it golf can go on for many hours and this is the perfect anaesthetic to deal with that.

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3. Inurrieta Orchidea Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, £25

This is great fun. Everyone thinks Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand or the Loire.

But this is from Navarre. It has pristine fruits, lots of asparagus, mange touts, peas. It has lovely acidity and is a complete glugger.

This wine will make you happy so, even if Europe are losing in the golf, this will make those balls drop more easily.

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