It’s immersive, its gastronomic, it’ll manipulate your deepest emotions and take your on a seven-course spiritual journey. It’s The Waldorf Project’s third chapter Futuro at Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

And right now it’s £63 off with tickets available for £21 (including booking fee).

Normally £84, the organisers of The Waldorf Project, which blends food, alcohol, scent, drink, movement and sound have just released spots at its rehearsal performances (featuring the full complement of tastes and sensations) from Sunday, November 6-7.

There’s also a preview on the Tuesday costing £49 too.

Details are scant.

We know the titles of the courses are “Cleanse, Decontamination, Journey, Ritual, Rebirth, Succumb and Communion” and we’re told the performance is staged “under the concept of a Japanese emotion called Amae meaning a temporary surrender in perfect safety”.

We've no idea what the purple stuff is but we're willing to try a glass

Quite why other cultures don’t feel this, why participants must dress entirely in black and why claustrophobics are discouraged from attending isn’t explained.

It’s safe to assume, however, there will be a certain amount of groping in the dark.

And who doesn’t like that sort of thing for £21 a pop?

Performances run until Sunday, November 20.

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