Our appetite for burgers is growing every year with more and more restaurants popping up in east London.

In fact there is a whole day dedicated to the worship of meat patties nestled in buns – Thursday, August 25.

To help you celebrate National Burger Day in style we have pitted two of Canary Wharf’s most luxurious heavyweights against each other to see which packs the greater punch.

What: Highland Wagyu burger

Where: Boisdale of Canary Wharf in Cabot Place

BATTLE OF THE BURGERS: Boisdale of Canary Wharf's Highland Wagyu burger

The man behind it: Andy Rose, Boisdale group executive chef

What it’s made of: Highland Wagyu beef, Clarence court pan fried duck egg, pan fried foie gras, girolle mushrooms, black truffle mayonnaise, Bath soft cheese, baby gem lettuce and a brioche bun.

Sidekick: Truffle chips with rosemary and grated Parmesan

Age: The newcomer, with only three weeks under its belt

Weight: A respectable 200g/6oz patty

Height: A mouth-aching 13cm

How long it takes to make: 10 minutes

In five words: Meaty,luxurious, delicious, flavoursome, seasonal

How healthy is it: Not at all. You will have to break your diet and then some.

If it was a boxer it would be: Frank Bruno, big and strong, with a heart-warming appeal

How many fans: 50 sold per week

Famous supporters: Charlie Boorman apparently dubbed it “one of the best burgers I’ve ever had”.

Cost: A wallet-emptying £29.50

They say: Everyone loves a great burger and this is something really unique with no mucking around. You have got to give it a go.

We say: Chunky but well-sculpted this is a confident looking burger with a glistening bun. It comes at you with plenty of heavy punches of rich flavour which began to land heavily towards the end. But there’s no doubt the flavoursome and tender patty is a knockout.

OFFER: Boisdale of Canary Wharf is offering the Highland Wagyu hamburger with a glass of Prosecco for £36.50 for two / £18.25 per person until September 10 (subject to availability). Excludes Second floor restaurant on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch.

It is also offering vouchers for 20% off burgers on August 25, noon to 10.30pm.

How the Highland Wagyu looks in real life

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What: King scallop and prawn burger

Where: One Canada Square, lobby of 1 Canada Square

BATTLE OF THE BURGERS: One Canada Square's king scallop and prawn burger

The man behind it: James Lyon-Shaw, operations director at ETM Group

What it’s made of: peeled frozen tiger prawns, Brixham queen scallops, finely sliced red chilies, spring onion, coriander, lime zest, fresh squeezed lime juice, Lingams chilli sauce, green Tabasco sauce, fish sauce, brioche bun

Sidekick: Thai slaw and chips

Age: A well-seasoned three years

Weight: Verging on cruiserweight at 180g

Height: A sturdy 10-12cm

How long it takes to make: 20 minutes prep time, 10 minutes cook time

In five words: Thai prawn curry in a bun

How healthy is it: Without the bun, quite healthy

If it was a boxer it would be: Muhammad Ali, a real character that you won’t forget

How many fans: Thousands, it’s one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes

Famous supporters: None that have gone public

Cost: A payday worthy £17

They say: We’ve ditched the beef for this one and decided to get a little more creative, using locally-sourced seafood packed into a fluffy brioche bun. It is elegant, stylish and sets the tone for a meal bursting with flavour.

We say: This proves beefcakes aren’t the only champions in the burger ring. It is packed with fresh, summery flavours without the heaviness of its opponent. As Ali might have said, it goes down the throat like a butterfly, zings like a bee.

OFFER: One Canada Square is offering vouchers for 20% off its Shorthorn Beef Burger on August 25, noon to 3.30pm and 5.30pm to 11pm

How the King scallop burger looks in real life

We'll leave it up to you to pick a winner!

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