Trade Union in Wapping promises Londoners a never-before-seen pioneering concept by combining four businesses in one location.

Launching in June, it will offer customers the chance to eat and drink their fill in the bar and restaurant, get a haircut, grab a flat white and pick up a bunch of flowers.

Chef and restauranteur Adam Marshall is the brains behind the business coming to Thomas More Square.

With around 20 years of industry experience behind him, Adam had the idea for Trade Union seven months ago.

He believes it will bring east Londoners a breath of fresh air in the bar and restaurant community

He said: “I’ve been in the industry for about 20 years and I’m the sort of person who likes to think about how things can be done differently and better.

“I was just thinking one day whether a bar or restaurant is enough nowadays or could it be improved as a concept? This is what we came up with.”

Once the 6,700sq ft space at Wapping was found, opposite Pret a Manger, Adam, 40, went about talking to various businesses to see how much interest there was in his project.

They settled on bringing together a bar and restaurant, complete with a private function room, with speciality coffeehouse Vagabond, hairdresser Drakes of London and florist Maua London.

Adam said he was nervous but excited about the launch and thought there was enough interest in the idea to sustain and perhaps expand the business further.

“We get this amazing concept, which hasn’t been seen before in the industry and not just in London or the UK,” he said. “We are creating something that hasn’t been experienced on the globe yet.

“The days of having just a standard bar or a restaurant are getting more difficult for people in the business. I think the level of interest in a mixed, experiential environment is growing.

“I do think we are pioneering a different way of customers having a lifestyle experience and that’s very exciting. Just because nobody has done it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a great chance of being successful.”