You'll be bedazzled by hundreds of brightly coloured boxes as you enter Shoreditch’s Cereal Killer Cafe.

That’s before you’ve stopped for a selfie with the Honey Monster propped up alongside the crockery cabinet.

Old-school breakfasts from across the globe have proved such a hit in Shoreditch there’s now a second Cereal Killer base in Camden.

But we opted for the east London original – and here’s our top 5 spots.

Cereal Killer breakfast cafe, Brick Lane

1. Most colourful cereal combo: Double Rainbow cereal cocktail, £4.70

The sheer kaleidoscope of neons, brights and pastels beaming from this bowl of fruit loops and pebbles, marshmallows and creamy strawberry milk will wake you up – even if the sugar hit doesn’t.

Jurassic Park Crunch

2. Most impressive vintage packet: Jurassic Park Crunch, the Lost World

This dates back to 1997 – so, unfortunately, the dinosaur-shaped marshmallow treats are out of bounds.

But for film and cereal geeks alike it’s a vintage treasure to bring back that child like streak – so you might well find yourself shaking the box to try and make it roar.

Cereal Killer breakfast cafe, Brick Lane WARNING WHARF USE ONLY email

3. The Plain Jane: ProNutro original

If we’re going on appearances this screams bland - dull package, crammed with pale oats and stuck on a shelf next to many more exciting neighbours.

One of the Cereal Killer crew admitted he “loves it” but he’s South African and so is this grub, so perhaps patriotism has played its part.


4.The vaguely healthy-ish cereal cocktail: Bananarama

This isn’t a place for calorie counting - but chopped banana and banana milk will tick off one of your five a day.

After that, call it your cheat day and get sweet satisfaction from this combination of mini banana Weetabix and hearty dollops of Nutella.

Cereal Lipsalve

5. Cereal in a different form: Flavoured lipsalve.

IF you just can’t get enough of the taste of Count Chocula slather it on your pout for a shade that’s good enough to eat.

Your beau will thank you for it, too, maybe.

Prices vary depending on bowl size and milk added.

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