You can’t toast the birthday of Scottish author Robert Burns on Monday, January 25, without a dram of whisky in your hand.

It’s simply not right.

And mixologists at the east London-based Cocktail Trading Company seem to agree.

They have partnered up with new whisky brand R and B Distillers to create two tipples using the company’s latest range.

While We Wait is a single malt variety, which brings together both peated and unpeated spirits from the same distillery.

Meanwhile the taste of Borders is said to represent the “rolling landscape” of the south of Scotland and is lighter and softer in flavour after being matured in both Bourbon and sherry casks.

Below, find the recipes to make at home.

Meanwhile, the Cocktail Trading Company will reveal its new flagship bar and distillery in Brick Lane on Monday, January 18.

While We Wait is £56.85 and Borders is £49.98.

Both are available to buy from the R and B Distillers website

Mac Daddy

25ml Raasay While We Wait

25ml ginger wine

25ml golden syrup (diluted 1 to 1)

25ml lemon juice

Churn over crushed ice and serve in a golden syrup tin

Garnish with a mint sprig and a brandy snap

Spicy Red Head

50ml R&B Borders

75ml spicy ginger beer

Squeeze of lime

25ml red wine float

Serve long in a tumbler

Garnish with big sprig of mint and a deep fried bread crumb coated mini bars bar as well as a good dusting of icing sugar.