Texas Joe’s Slow Smoked Meats is set to mark American Independence Day by opening up a restaurant in Bermondsey. The saloon doors will swing open on Monday, July 4, with Texas Joe Walters bringing the spirit of the Lone Star State to east London.

The restaurant at Snowsfields will feature traditional barbecue meats cooked the Texan way plus a separate honky-tonk bar complete with jukebox, whisky and tequila.

It marks the realisation of a dream for the entrepreneur who came to prominence in 2013 after apparently winning a £50,000 investment in his beef jerky business from Peter Jones on Dragons’ Den. But the deal collapsed after the show and Joe was left to go it alone , vowing to open a restaurant despite the setback, a vow he has now fulfilled.

He said: “At Texas Joe’s we’re bringing Londoners a true taste of authentic Texan barbecue – the kind of rich, flavoursome, slow smoked meats I grew up eating.

“I’m also really excited about the bar area. It’s going to have the feel of an underground beer bunker where you can let a few tears fall into your drink before taking a short trip into barbecue redemption.”

Meats will be prepared simply with a heavy dose of smoke, salt and pepper before being slow smoked over English oak from the London Log Company in a custom 500-pound capacity rotisserie.

Although it’s unlikely to impart additional flavour, this has been painted in the colours of the University of Texas at Austin .

Dishes will include USDA beef brisket, beef prime rib and pork shoulder, as well as mutton shoulder and ribs.

Mutton has a rick history in Texas and the restaurant is working with butcher Nathan Mills from The Butchery , also in Bermondsey, to source English meat.

All slow smoked meats will be served with house-made pickles and bread and, at lunchtime there will also be the option of having brisket, pork shoulder or mutton shoulder stuffed into fresh tacos and thick-cut sandwiches.

Side dishes include bone marrow with chilli salt, oxtail chilli and brisket nachos.

The menus will be printed in the style of a 1936 Texas newspaper titled The Big Smoke Signal.

It features articles written by barbecue journalists from Texas such as Daniel Vaughn, barbecue editor at Texas Monthly.

The restaurant’s design is inspired by the backroad joints that have defined the Texas barbecue scene.

The space will be split, with restaurant space and a separate bar serving bourbons from Balcones and Garrison Brothers as well as Texan Lone Star lager and beers from Camden Town and Bermondsey’s Kernel Brewery .

Joe is not the only contestant on Dragons’ Den to open a smoke-based restaurant in The Wharf’s corner of London. Levi Roots, who did successfully do a deal with Peter Jones opened Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse in 2015.

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