Buffalo Trace's tastings at TwoRuba are part virtual distillery tour, part sensory assault.

Designed for fresh initiates to the spirit, flurries of facts are artfully shovelled forth before we drink decent measures of five varieties.

Or, rather five expressions of the same thing. Despite their varied names – suitably American, something like Stagg Jr Night and Mangy Dog – they're the same liquid with different levels of blending and ageing.

Henry holds forth on Bourbon at TwoRuba, Hilton London Tower Bridge

Henry guides our way soundly through the motley collection of liquids, lending them a certain lustre.

And for a moment, the side room of the Hilton London Tower Bridge's cavernous bar dissolves; replaced with the blue and gold livery of the Oval Office.

As Eagle Rare 10-year-old, by far the best of the quintet, slips down, I turn to my chief of staff, ready to make an epic pronouncement that will change the course of world history.

But he morphs back into my friend and the image is lost. The tastes, generally sweeter and less complex than their Scottish cousins.

At least the pretty nibbles on the President's coffee table aren't fictitious.

Like the spirit, these tastings won't suit everyone, but they are decent entry-level events capable of unlocking a tipple less common on this side of the pond.

Tastings cost £20 a head, include nibbles and take place on the first Wednesday of each month, the next being May 6.

Go to tworuba.com.