Wednesday evening is the apex of the week. The past stretches out behind, filled with the stresses and pains of work bodged under pressure.

In front, the weekend beckons. Maybe someone whispers. Your palms start to itch. Isn't it time for a drink? A reward for all that graft you've completed?

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Instant messages are sent, texts fly and "work-related" emails exchange hasty glances as they pass in fibre optic pipes. Where shall we go? Where, where, where?

Not the same old beer in the same old boozer that tastes as though someone's already had the pleasure.

No, we want new. And risen star chef Stevie Parle of The Dock Kitchen fame has given it to us.

Follow me to North Greenwich, people of Canary Wharf. For there is the land of former Milk And Honey general manager Adam Wyatt Jones and his locally sauced cocktails.

Atop Parle's two-floors of food (and a shop) at Craft sits the venue's bar. Here flavours are beaten, distilled and infused from the produce of the peninsula's trees and plants.

Wyatt Jones is passionate, an obsessive, who gives the impression of constant experimentation. Think the main protagonist in Suskind's Perfume (minus the homicide, probably).

The Lavender Air Mail, £10 at Craft in North Greenwich

Consequently the tastes he wrings out of his ingredients catch on the tongue. Is it too much of a stretch to feel the creak of canvas in the mouth while sipping The Cutty Sark (£9) – gin, Cyna and H&H raspberry tea syrup?

That may be, but the drinks are low-key and thrilling. Grass roots excitement in an area of London hardly awash with options.

My picks are the Gnarled Negroni (£9) Aquavit, Wiltshire damson vodka and Campari and the Spurious Barrel (£10) Chivas 12, Fig, old amontillado and bourbon.

But of the multitude tried these were only pin pricks ahead in a forest of needles.

What's more, the Tom Dixon interior is as plush and warm as snuggling into a pile of puppies and the glass rotunda of the bar gives an impressive view of the sunset. Top marks – a cut above the nearby venues at The O2.

Craft, Peninsula Square, Grenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0SQ, 020 8465 5910,