Supper Tub supremo Adam Taffler swoops through swirls of steam rising from cauldron-like pools and offers us a welcome that is just as warm.

When you flip-flop across the threshold from the trendy Number 90 Bar you switch from lively party scene to a enchanting tranquility set against the backdrop of Hackney Wick canal. So it was apt the founder of east London’s quirkiest playtime-meets-dinnertime space was decked out in equally bewitching attire, donning a purple flowing gown with silver diamanté stars speckled across his face.

The dress code for Supper Tubbers is a tad different – sandals and bikinis or trunks are the norm.

If you’ve thrown out your summertime clobber don’t fear – there are a few spares, as well as fluffy towels.

Once you’ve changed, the bubbles popping from the pools become irresistible as does the sheer warmth of the water on evenings with a goosepimple-raising autumnal bite.

Here, an evening is all about super-chilled vibes in super hot Jacuzzis, with ska music flowing from the speakers above.

The poison to toast this al-fresco fairytale comes in the form of frozen cocktails whipped up by staff.

The Aperol Spritz is a classic but the tipple to take you through the evening is the Ginger Brew Cocktail (£9.50). Mixing home-made ginger syrup, pale ale and beefeater gin it was sweet, fresh and spicy.

Better still there’s no queuing at the bar – our drinks and delicious trio of Peruvian style halloumi, steak and king prawn skewers (£3.50 each) arrived on a silver platter that bobbed peacefully on the water.

But when plastic pistols and rubber ducks are splashed into the waves, things in the three-strong Jacuzzis can get frothy. So perhaps best to perch the drinks on the side.

This is one hotspot in cool east London you’ll want to be a part of.

But you’ll have to be quick - from November, Supper Tub will switch to the wintery warmths of Ski Tub. Expect floating fondue and goggle masks for frozen fun to take you through until 2016.

Supper Tub, 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick.

Call 0203 773 1065.

Price starts from £18 per person and minimum four hours notice required.

Each slot lasts two hours.

Food only served on Saturday.