Chatting with Plateau's head chef Daniel McGarey before I got stuck in to the very rich-sounding Honey Gourmand , he tells me the main ingredient used throughout (honey funnily enough) provided him with quite the challenge.

And thinking about it, honey is a pretty strange product to use through six courses.

But this menu isn’t just about culinary delights - it’s about the bees. The bees and Mudchute Farm, which both need our help.

Daniel and his team are keen to stress with this menu, which includes spiced butternut veloute and Iberico pressa with thyme polenta, that Mudchute needs to be recognised.

Tasty: Iberico Pressa with thyme polenta, pepperade

I admired the community spirit and am a sucker for anything with fur/wings/gills etc, but I wasn’t going to let my heart rule my taste buds, and I still looked at the menu with a critical tongue.

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But there was little to fault - a little creamy on the foie gras ballotine maybe and, after four courses I didn’t need a pre-dessert - although I thought that was pretty awesome idea.

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The Hive. From the little white chocolate hive to the little coffee chocolate bees, there was little to not like about this dish.

And the soy and honey glazed Loch Duart salmon that literally melted in the mouth.


As with any busy Canary Wharf venue it is a little loud, and at times it was difficult to hear our somelier explaining about the wine pairings.

Anything else?

You get a little pot of honey at the end of the meal - although do ask for this as we forgot to and went away empty-handed.

Honey Gourmand, Plateau, Canada Square Gardens, £55-£75