Waddling out of Big Easy with a belly full of ribs, pulled pork, chips, chicken and Prosecco I spot a plate full of brisket out the corner of my eye and my Inner Greedy says: “Mmm, we could so eat that.”

Scolded by my Inner Sensible and sent out the door into the chilly outside, I can only conclude that the food is far too good and not that I’m a gluttonous beast.

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Rewind two hours and my other half and I are like teens on a first date – giddy and chuntering away about what lies. But this isn’t some squishy cute sentiment going on here – this is food excitement.

Big Easy pitmaster Jared Male putting sauce onto chicken before returning them to the smoker

We ease into the relaxed atmosphere, clink our glasses and await the meat.

Where on earth do you start though with juicy ribs, hearty pulled pork and plump chicken all looking at you?

Top dish by far was the ribs – although anyone who’s not a fan of fatty meat may disagree – but I wouldn’t kick the chicken or pulled pork off my plate any time soon.

The chips were the best side and although the beans, coleslaw and cornbread were all pretty tasty I would’ve preferred a little more greenery – but then what is that attitude doing at Big Easy? Inner Greedy is judging.

Inside Big Easy Bar B Q and Crabshack in Canary Wharf

Another tick for the newest Crossrail Place venue is the bottomless approach to food and drink (two hour time limit, mind). We are often asked if we want more of this or that - so any awkwardness you may feel asking for more is nonexistent.

The other option for the bottomless brunch is whole lobster, lobster roll and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese meaning there is enough of an excuse to visit twice.

Now where’s that brisket? I’m hungry again.

Bottomless brunch; £29,50, Big Easy, Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf

See the menu here.