I must have posted one too many photos of pizza for my internet pages are increasingly full of targeted ads for powdered food. The dusty stuff is no longer just for babies.

Nutritionally balanced powders you mix with water to make gruel shade shakes, are the latest fitness fad. Why be gluten, dairy, and carb free when you can just be food free?

The powdered food manufacturers such as Huel argue “modern food production methods are inefficient, inhumane, and unsustainable. The world produces 1.5 times enough food to feed every person on the planet”.

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The company says powdered food is more efficient (it takes minutes to mix), it’s good for the environment (very little waste), and good for tackling obesity.

Plus you get to feel like an astronaut while you drink. A core target for these companies is hard working, fast living, time poor people. Basically, Wharfers. And I’ve seen several shake sippers in Canary Wharf .

But we’re designed to eat solids. We have teeth to chew with, stomachs to digest with, intestines to absorb nutrients and water with, and a hole to get rid of the waste.

I’ve searched my body, and I can’t find the label that says “liquids only”.

Powdered food is a fast way to eat well. Except it’s not really eating is it? And that’s what I keep coming back to.

We enjoy barbecues with friends, Sunday roasts with our families. We go out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays, and have traditional dishes for Christmas, Ramadan, Passover, Gurpurbs.

Food is more than an energy input, it’s a ritualistic part of our culture. Above everything else, food is enjoyable. Powder’s just puff.

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