Since the appointment of Daniel McGarey as head chef, Plateau has seen its food covers rise about 40%.

He has now been joined by pastry chef Fabiano Grassi and sous chef Dominic South and has a strong desire to put fresh and seasonal dishes on the table that focus on simple nourishment.

He said: “I’m very passionate about these things. My wife and I are having a baby and one thing we hate is convenience food.

“When you go to the supermarket, you can easily get a whole chicken and that’ll last for three or four meals, but people will think this takes too long or it is too difficult to do.

Plateau, Canary Wharf

“The thing is the more you work with food, the more comfortable you get. I believe cooking is 60% passion and 40% common sense.

“I want to spread this ethos in my kitchen as well as the restaurant – that cooking is a great thing to get into. You just need practice and to keep going with it.”

Daniel previously worked as executive sous-chef at Michelin-starred Galvin at Windows and has also spent time at two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing at The Berkley.

Daniel McGarey creating a salmon tortellini with an onion fondue and salmon sauce, which only took him five minutes (minus creating the fresh pasta)

His culinary training began in 2003 with the prestigious Specialised Chef Scholarship at The Bournemouth and Poole College.

He said he was enjoying his first head chef residency away from the world of Michelin stars as sometimes the pressure to retain them affected his passion for the job.

He said: “Plateau’s not a pretentious restaurant – the chefs, they want to cook. There are no accolades here so we are not scared to lose something we don’t have. The pressure is off. And it’s great, because what we’re doing is being recognised. At the end of the day, if the customer is happy, then I’m happy.”

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