Anticipating the crisp fresh powder of the ski season? Ready to carve up the slopes with the moves you’ve trained your muscles for at Third Space?

Or perhaps it’s simply the cosy warmth of the apres ski that appeals. If so, save yourself some cash, can the flight and place the skis back in the garage.

Plateau’s Off Piste might also act as Methadone for serious addicts.

Its winter al fresco pop-up promises furry blankets (in the creation of which no animals were harmed), festive wreaths, Alpine snacks and seasonal cocktails to take the chill off.

Exactly how many Avalanches (featuring Appleton Estate Rare Blend rum, £12), Thyme To Hit The Slopes and Skimonos (both flavoured with Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, £10 each) it’ll take to dissolve the tepid warmth of the Wharf’s winter is anybody’s guess.

At least visitors will be able to overlook the Canada Square ice rink, so something frozen will be in view.

Raclette crostini (£9) at Off Piste

And what better way to stave off the fictional chill it creates than with a cheese-heavy menu?

Specially developed dishes include Comte croque monsieur (£9), cod dumplings (£7.50) and Raclette crostini (£9).

The pop-up is open at Plateau until the end of February 2017, providing a place for smokers and lovers of fresh air to escape the regimented air con of the Wharf and get, if not wind in their hair, then at least the possibility of an encounter with the elements.

Why not use it as an excuse to check the salopettes still fit? You’ll be bang on-trend.

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