1. The Parlour

Get out in the Canada Square sunshine and relax with help from this venues recently launched Peroni Bar. In addition to draught fizzy stuff, Peroni cocktails such as the Italian Bramble (£8.95) with lemon, gin, Peroni and Crème de Mure liqueur with blackberries or the Italian Spritz (£8.50) sweetened with elderflower and Sauvignon Blanc and garnished with cucumber, citrus peel and rosemary are on offer.

Park Pavilion, 40 Canada Square Park, London, E14 5FW, theparlour.co.uk.

Enjoy sangria and Spanish beers by the fountains

2. La Terraza

Iberica's alfresco space is back up and running and there's nowhere better to sip sangria with the pleasant sound of rushing water in the background.

Cabot Square, ibericalondon.co.uk

Across the road from the cafe you can drink under the sky in Cabot Square

3. Cafe Brera

It's not just coffee – they do beer too and there's pizza for when the evening reaches the inevitable point where food is a necessity.

Cabot Square, cafebrera.com

Obica has a few tables overlooking South Quay

4. Obica

Small and tucked away, the cheese bar has a few tables hidden out back that face south and attract the rays. Get in early.

West Wintergarden, obica.com

Pop outside and enjoy the weather from on high

5. Boisdale

Having been squeezed out onto the terrace all winter by the ravening hordes at the bar, now's the time to actually enjoy yourself with a beer outside here. Not to mention a cigar.

Cabot Square, boisdale.co.uk

Missing something? Let us know where you think is best on the Wharf for a drink in the summer sunshine in the comments below.