I really quite liked Ny-Lon , but I feel I shouldn’t. Its bright lights semi-blinded me as I walked in, the decor felt more futuristic hospital than cocktail bar and most items were a little pricey for the overall experience. Worth making the journey, though? Yes.

The bar is a joint effort between airlines Delta and Virgin Atlantic and is laid out to recall the style and feeling of a first class airport lounge in either London or New York, hence ‘NY-LON’.

In its own weird way, it works and if you decide to go read our tips below.

The sea platter (£26)


Have: The sea platter (£26) – crab salad, peppered mackerel, smoked salmon and prawn cocktail with soda bread.

This one felt better value than the smaller dishes and had very little to fault.

Don’t have: Brooklyn crab salad (£7.50) – This one is better in smaller portions or mixed with some bread as it’s too creamy to have on its own.

Cocktails - Back right is the Maiden Voyager (£9.80)


Have: Flying Lady (£11.80) – Ok, it’s pricey, but it’s light, fruity and very drinkable.

Don’t have: Maiden Voyager (£9.80) – The rosemary infused Beefeater gin comes through too strongly and made the drink seem a bit salty.

Ny-Lon, The O2, North Greenwich.