Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Jamir Hussain is the latest big name to join the line up of chefs at this year’s Foodies Christmas Festival.

Ahead of baking her heart out in the Chefs Theatre, which is part of the exhibition at the Truman Brewery, she took time to talk about how she spends Christmas, her love for Brussels sprouts and what she’ll be cooking on December 25th.

Foodies Christmas Festival 2014

She said: “Before Bake Off I had never done a demo before and I didn’t realise I would love it as much as I do.

“But once I heard I had a chance to be at the Foodies Christmas Festival I was thrilled as I really enjoy being in front of a crowd now.

“Life after Bake Off is not about baking, it’s about performing. It has been a whirlwind.

Foodies Christmas Festival at Edinburgh International Conference Centre

“My feet haven’t touched the ground since I won.”

Throughout the festival, which runs from Friday, November 27-29 she will make black olive and chocolate biscuits and chocolate, raspberry and mint tart.

She said: “I come up with my ideas for baking in my dreams, so I’m forever waking up and writing them down in bed.

Foodies Christmas Festival at Edinburgh International Conference Centre

“I then try them the next day. Each time I get up to write it down my husband is like, no, no, shh, go back to sleep.”

As for Christmas Day, Nadiya said she always made turkey with “tonnes and tonnes” of Brussels sprouts, which “we all love sprouts in our family”.

Brussels sprouts

She said: “What I love about Christmas is that everybody gets a day off – nobody is doing anything on the day, so they have to see you.

“It’s also my birthday on Christmas Day, so of course, that means more presents.”

A string of acclaimed chefs will be joining Nadiya throughout the festival including The Parlour Bar’s Jesse Dunford Wood and Savoy Grill’s Kim Woodward.

Pic Greg Macvean - 14/11/2015 - 07971 826 457 Foodies Christmas Festival at Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Also on the day will be:

  • Retro recipes in the Cake and Bake Theatre
  • An artisan Christmas market, with more than 150 producers
  • A vegan, veggie and gluten-free area
  • London Gin Theatre, with daily Christmas gin cocktail masterclasses
  • Street food courtyard
  • Pudding hall market
  • Champagne ski bar
  • The Elf Cookery School with Kiddy Cook

Various times, Friday, November 27-29, £12-£39, Truman Brewery