Never mind the pollack. It’s a drab and flavourless pastiche of a hot dog.

But let’s put that aside as there are two tastes worth popping up town for this Mark Hix pop up in ETM’s homestead The Hat and Tun.

You may be advised to cover your tongue in sand before you go or approach the pub with a pail of water nervously slopping at your side.

Expect fire. Know your exits and purchase a pint-sized extinguisher at the bar (the Jugged Hare is good, although sadly it won’t really help you deal with the chilli).

Order at the bar of this inoffensively basic boozer in the City and take a pew.

Triumphant spicy crab chips will leave your mouth aflame

I repeat. Eschew the dog (£5.50). It’s not all that, although the mushy pea sauce is pleasant enough.

Instead pick the Holy F***ed fish balls (£4) and the spicy crab chips (£7).

How do I know? Well there was a preview event. I’m still trying to damp down the flames on my tongue.

The London Fire Brigade has now withdrawn the eight engines parked around my mouth and only a couple of the helmeted lads remain, beating out the remaining hot spots.

Fabulous fish balls come with a Holy F**k sauce

Much use is made of The Rib Man’s Holy F**k Hot Sauce and it really gets the sweat prickling.

But both dishes will leave you with a smiling, albeit shiny, face. And what more can you ask of £11 than that?

Hix’s FishDog will be serving at the Hat and Tun from 6pm to 9.30pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from Wednesday, July 29, until Friday, August 14