The Isle Of Dogs Food Assembly is set to launch in Island Gardens and aims to bring people together to buy fresh food from local farmers and food producers.

The initiative will begin at Cafe Vert at George Green’s School in a bid to connect neighbours to farmers and to each other through their love of food.

It is hoped that islanders will invest more in local shops and support the community, with 90p of every £1 spent at the assembly staying in the local economy.

The food producers will keep more than 80% of sales for every product sold, compared to 15% to 25% through supermarkets, and with food ordered in advance, there will be less waste.

Organiser Francesca Di Fraia said: “I am looking forward to celebrating togetherness with members of a community that share a passion for great food and seasonal vegetables.

“The Food Assembly provides a warm atmosphere where you get to meet farmers and producers. Come and be part of an initiative that looks after the local economy as well as the environment thanks to the reduced transportation costs and reduced vehicle emissions.”

Customers can order from local providers at home by visiting The Food Assembly website before the scheduled local event.

They will then be able to attend the assembly and collect their order, as well as taste local food samples and see where it comes from.

The Isle Of Dogs Food Assembly launches at Cafe Vert, George Green’s School at 6pm on Wednesday, September 21.

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