If you love beer – really, really love beer, that is – then Iberica’s latest range is likely to prove very exciting.

The Canary Wharf restaurant has started serving seven bottled beers from family-owned Spanish brewery Mahou.

And, seven’s my lucky number, so that was enough of an excuse to go along and try all of them. On a Wednesday. With work in the morning.

It was also a chance to check out some of Iberica’s summer dishes.

We began with the Mahou Classic with air cured beef. While the flesh was potent, the beer was all frothy weakness, no match against a combination of Alhambra Reserva and Blau de Bufala cheese, the beer outlasting the latter which lost flavour the further you got from its tasty veins.

Iberica: Mahou classica and Alhambra Reserva

Next came the stronger Casimiro Maravillas (bright red for danger), which overpowered drab asparagus toast with its robust flavour.

Then, as the fourth beer – a wheaty Casimiro Marcenado – arrived, the reality of drinking seven bottles began to sink in.

However, I managed to hold it together through the scallops, which disappeared completely despite the presence of the dreaded cauliflower puree.

And I was also able to enjoy the highlight of the evening – pork and chicken dishes with rich, smokey sauces.

There was something special beer-wise too as Iberica is the only UK venue where you can sip Mahou Maestra, memorably described by an alcohol-fuelled colleagues as “like biting into the buttocks of a cow”.

Iberica: Grilled Iberico pork head of loin paired with Mahou Maestra

By dessert things had become pretty hazy – chocolate based and tiny, all I can remember is I wanted more.

I’d had enough beer though (I’m considering changing my lucky number to five), although the stuff we were served was certainly good.

Similar pairing experiences cost around £12-£35 for the food with drinks available to order separately.

Iberica also offers exclusive hire of the restaurant for private dining events.

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