There’s free alcohol in east London and we’ve found it for you.

From Wednesday, February 3 until the barrel runs dry, Canary Wharf workers (and anyone else who’s gasping for refreshment) can go to the cocktail bar at Big Easy and, by asking for Mr Jefferson get their hands on booze without paying any money.

The man we have to thank for the giveaway is Jess Cheesman.

The barman at the Crossrail Place establishment entered a competition run by Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon (probably subtitled ‘it’s what you do with it that counts’).

His barrel-aged concoction, The Jefferson’s Experiment, a blend of malic acid, agave, apricot brandy, vermouth and the namesake bourbon, impressed the judges and won him a trip to the brand’s distillery in Louisville, USA.

And it led to the freebie offer.

The Big Easy's Jess Cheeseman, right, holds court in his cocktail bar

Jess said: “It was an experiment in so much as I didn’t know how the ingredients were all going to react or how the ageing would change the acidity of the drink.

“For me, it went pretty well. After I won the competition, Jefferson’s said ‘Let’s do the whole thing again,’ and they sent over a new barrel and some bottles so I created a fresh batch.”

Cocktail bar customers need only ask to try the drink for a free snifter and Jess expects the barrel to last until early March.

Pancake Day freebie

In other freeloading news, The Breakfast Club in Crossrail Place is inviting customers to try and eat 12 pancakes in 12 minutes or less on Tuesday, February 9.

Any who succeed will get their Pancake Day treat for free , however full price must be paid by those who fail.

The chain hasn’t specified how much that is (£17.50 last year) but all profits go to charity, so who cares, really?

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