The birth of Christ is celebrated with turkey, the union of two people symbolised with a release of doves.

The Holy Birds in Spitalfields pays tribute to poultry of every flavour, mostly with soaring success.

It’s decor is a nod to the era of Mad Men’s Don Draper when ‘real’ men lounged on velvet sofas, sipping Screwdrivers and ordering whole roasted chickens for dinner.

Bold yet sophisticated, the playful interior is modelled after Christina Hendricks’ character Joan Holloway with hues of orange and red, plump armchairs and sexy runaround seating perfect for a more intimate dining experience.

The ground floor dining area

Sadly the service was not as attentive as my date. We had finished our starters by the time we got our first cocktail and gave up on ordering a bottle of wine to go with the mains.

Not that my duck breast carpaccio (£11.50) starter offered much to contend with, being made up of a few feather thins slices of meat with an overpowering amount of salad on top.

The duck carpaccio, the advertised version
The duck carpaccio is pretty on the plate but not in the mouth

The chefs should however be crowing with pride over the pretty and flavourful pigeon and almond pastilla (£8.50) and dish of the night, the pot-roast pheasant and wild mushroom (£21). Pleasing to the eye it was juicy, full of flavour and a joy to eat.

A whole rotisserie chicken (£28) with garlic and herbs confidently gleaming on an ungarnished plate and did not disappoint-proving itself far superior to the Portuguese chain restaurant the road. A greater variety of side dishes would be nice.

The pot-roast pheasant and wild mushroom, the advertised version
The garlic and herb rotisserie whole roast chicken. Even better in real life

The chocolate and sea salt baked Alaska (£7) was as soft as a baby penguin on top but as hard as its beak inside and I doubt it had seen any heat other than a blow torch.

It was a shame to dip back below the dizzy heights of the mains but overall it was a pleasant flight.

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