Don’t worry, there’s plenty of places within easy reach on the Wharf, just consult our location-focussed guide below.

Jubilee Place Mall


Unless you’ve grown up under a rock, there’s not much that needs explaining about Starbucks - the coffee is by-the-numbers and the service is fast.

Caffe Nero

This Italian chain offers much the same as the above with a slightly Italian twist. You can’t go wrong with one of their iced frappes though.

Apostrophe in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf


This little curly island lures you in with its roasty aroma.

Canada Place Mall

Pret a Manger

Packed with happy smiley staff resulting in lively service – they sell a cheeky 99p pre-pay day coffee too.

Costa, Cabot Place Mall


You can get a pretty hefty portion of coffee at Eat for not much money – a worthy contender for your business.

Cabot Place Mall


There’s plenty of room in this Costa for a coffee meeting – serves all the usuals.

Cafe Brera terrace

Cafe Brera

The coffee’s great, especially with one of Larissa’s Cookies – baked in store every day. Also for summer there will be an open terrace just outside the Cabot Place Mall branch.


The Paul family have been making bread and patisseries since 1889 but the coffee’s worth a go too.

Taylor st Baristas, South Collonade

Crossrail Place/Jubilee Line Tube/South Colonnade

Taylor St Baristas

You will most likely be met with a queue coming out the door at this independent-style coffee place - and with good reason - the coffees are lovingly made by baristas that seem to take a real pride in their product.


Opened this year, this kiosk in already has a cult following. Quality coffee.