A south-east Londoner has turned the most important meal of the day into a 24-hour operation after launching breakfast delivery services BedNBreakfast and DeskNBreakfast.

Founder and Greenwich resident Hannah McDuffus tells us how we get our oats in the morning.

So what’s it all about?

We bring breakfast to you. We create convenience while still appreciating using quality produce and local business to help bring this service together.

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We differ from other businesses as there is no other breakfast delivery in this area or food delivery services open and ready to deliver from 7am. I have created an authentic and unique service that I am proud of.

What’s on the menu?

There are all the items you’d want for a full English, including veggie and Halal options, breakfast baps, freshly squeezed juice, croissants, cereals and omelettes.

Sounds good so far, but surely it’s pretty expensive?

I feel BNB has come at the right time, as people are becoming aware of the benefits of breakfast, yet still have not allowed enough time into their lives to fit it in (crazy as it sounds as it’s not often we would forget dinner).

Not at all. Six items for a full English cost £8, coffee and tea are from 50p and there are breakfast bundles that feed up to four people for £15 (£3.75 each) and up to eight people for £30 (£3.75 each).


Where did the idea come from?

I have been planning the business my whole life and decided I was going to start BNB on January 6. It was open on February 14.

I really must admit I kept it hush hush, and didn’t tell many friends and family. I started an Instagram account on January 6 and that’s where it all started going absolutely crazy.

I began selling the idea before I had invested anything into it and within four weeks I was open.

My passion for my business goes back to my days of teaching. I truly understood the importance of breakfast and the effects and benefits it has on us all, and with this I set up a school breakfast club.

The school I worked in at the time was not too sold on the club but passion pushed through and led me to start it myself.

A colleague and I used our own money to buy crockery and food to get started. I also wanted to make this a free service for attendees as there were many children who were receiving free school meals using the club.

Where do you see the business in three years time?

I see BNB being a household name. I would love to cover all 26 boroughs in London with at least three stores nationwide. The service is currently available in south east and east London (including Canary Wharf)

Go to bednbreakfasttt.co.uk .