The satisfaction of a perfect pint is hard to match.

And brewmaster Ciaran Giblin has taken the quest for the best to a new level by creating the world’s first beer based on a genetic code.

He works for the Meantime Brewing Company based in Greenwich and dreamt up the idea of making a drink dictated by his individual DNA taste preference.

Ciaran started by partnering up with genetic testing company 23 and Me to map his propensity towards specific flavours.

The process looked at the presence of TAS2R receptors in the Brewmaster’s genetics – which dictate an individual’s inclination toward bitter or sweet flavours.

Ciaran discovered he is genetically programmed to enjoy bitter flavours, like those found in coffee and Brussels sprouts.

Ciaran Giblin creating Meantime Double Helix

He used this information to craft Double Helix - a double IPA with balanced bitterness from a variety of different American hops.

Ciaran said: “If you want to make a beer you’re going to love, you have to really mean it and go the extra mile – in this case, determine your genetically determined taste preferences first.

“There are lots of people talking about the potential that genetic testing has on what we consume but I thought the best way to test some of the theories was to get on and brew something.

“Double Helix was brewed to fit the specific taste preferences of one person – me.

“However thanks to the investment in our Pilot Brewery and what it allows us to do in the name of innovation, it’s become a ‘successful experiment’ that others can enjoy as well."

Meantime Double Helix

For a limited time drinkers can try it for themselves and see if they can taste the hints of tropical fruit aromas like pineapple and mango in the 10% ABV beer.

Double Helix will be available for a short time on draught only at Vinothec Compass in Greenwich, The Understudy Bar at the National Theatre, Four Quarters in Peckham, and The Greenwich Union Pub.

The beer will also be pouring in Meantime’s Tasting Rooms at the brewery in Blackwall Lane and the Meantime Beer Box outside North Greenwich Station.

The beer is also available in 330ml bottles from the Meantime Brewery shop and online store.

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