Godo has a problem. Its mouth is writing orders its kitchen can’t deliver.

Its founders promise to make your 15-minute lunch break at your desk “the best 15 minutes of your day”.

Its marketing suggests slick Italians tossing you your meal from the back of a Vespa, fresh from being whipped up in a Michelin-star kitchen.

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But in the heart of Canary Wharf, it takes us 10 minutes of running round and phone calls to meet up with our lunch.

It’s in a branded Smartcar; dreams of a sizzling chap named Antonio on two wheels are scotched.

By the time we get it to our desks it’s not exactly piping hot. The dishes arrive in their own swish boxes containing identical glass jars with high-end plastic cutlery in separate black boxes.

This is great as you can keep the jars for all your homemade preserves, but they make the food a little tricky to eat.

That shiny silver 15-minute experience tarnishes further when we get to the food itself.

Godo may use all the top suppliers but, with the exception of the lovely meatballs (£10), that doesn’t seem to be communicated by the dishes or the cooking.

Travel-agitated presentation of lamb ragu

My colleague bins her artichoke soup branding it not worth eating.

The other dishes are fine, but not significantly better than a take out from Carluccio’s.

And there’s the rub. Godo’s expensive. When combined with the chore of having to meet up with your food.

Isn’t it just easier to spend £4 less, hit one of the Wharf’s shops and save yourself time and energy? It gets three stars only because I really like glass jars.

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