Although its extensive lunch and dinner menu is dominated by Japanese delicacies, breakfast at this mini-chain has a flavour of its origin country.

Denmark isn't exactly writ-large – we're served Golden Monkey tea (£3.80 a pot) as we sit down – but there are accents.

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My companion's stomach's upset so she has to sit and watch me eat, unable to taste the high-quality dishes delivered.

All the more for me. Although not that much more.

While its food is immaculate, Sticks is not especially cheap and its breakfast portion sizes are unlikely to trouble those watching calories like a hawk.

I opt for the most obvious fusion food on the menu – Duck egg tamago omelette stuffed with emmental cheese, ham and spinach.

A sort of oriental eggs Benedict, Florentine mash up.

It's on the menu at £5.50 and the two sections that arrive are delicious, they're just not six sections.

The £2.50 mini Tebirkes on the side – a Danish poppy seed pasty – is also exquisite on the tongue, but fails to fill the great cavern of my stomach.

Certainly not in the way a couple of sushi platters and plates of sticks would.

Fortunately Sticks knows this and has stuck a couple of more filling options on – smoked salmon on coal black, miso rich roast (£6.50) and avocado on the same (£4.50).

You'll probably need two in any case.

Whether breakfast will tempt those in Canary Wharf out to the big crocodile station in the numbers the venue's seen for lunch and dinner remains to be seen.

What is certain is their mouths will be delighted even if their stomachs need a little propping up mid-morning.

Breakfast runs weekdays from 7am-10am.

Sticks N Sushi, 1 Crossrail Place, London, E14 5AR, 020 3141 8230, .