The flashing of swords as he duelled with the wolfish Guy of Gisborne, the cracking of wood-on-wood as his quarterstaff met Little John's and the playful chutzpah with which he dumped an illegally killed stag before Prince John all held me in thrall.

But glinting at the heart of this cinematic masterpiece, it was the golden arrow that proved the most enduring image.

On its own, it wasn't much to look at – a trinket on a blue velvet cushion.

But it was enough for Robin to travel into Nottingham, risking everything; a poor disguise his only defence. His unmasking and imprisonment a certainty.

And its presence in combination with the temptation of getting one over on Prince John and his ilk proves too much, especially when the dubious thrill of its presentation by an ice cold Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marion is dangled.

It is also the package that ultimately sells another Golden Arrow. The restaurant at the Pullman London St Pancras hotel in Euston Road is an open-plan cavern of a place.

It's hard to tell where the boundaries between the bar, reception and eating area lie. Filled with daunting modernist brightness, it presents a less inviting space than the chilly castle Flynn happily strides into with poached beast across his shoulders.

He'd probably have to sidle about a bit fending off the approaches of helpful concierges before finding the Prince in a semi-secluded booth and dumping the meat, cheeky grin under pressure.

Like the trophy itself, the food is unlikely to be enough to tempt Wharfers north.

While a merry starter of Rosary goats cheese with caramelised figs and eight-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon dressing (£8.50) is a minstrel on song, whole grilled lemon sole with brown shrimps, capers and parsley (£25) is a bit bony and flat for the cash.

At least the little juicy shrimps nearly carry the dish.

Joe Garvey performs at last month's SETS gig

Fortunately the Pullman is also now the venue for a free monthly music night, called Sets.

Up-and-coming live performers grace a makeshift stage just behind the venue's bar. Attendees not only get well-mixed, hip sounds and hairstyles to enjoy – if you join the mailing list they'll email you a mini EP with tracks from the artist's featured.

In combination with the tastes on offer, it's enough to nudge those in the know into action – especially if future acts are as good as headliner Kimberly Anne. Her brash vocal talents would have made the journey worth it alone.

The next Sets takes place on April 16, featuring Keeva, Brooke Jazz Lawrence and Anna Pancaldi so don a dubious disguise, hop on the DLR and head for Nottingham. Prince John may well be in the audience.

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