“Cow in Blackheath?” said one black cab driver to the other standing beside him.

“Cow”, I replied. “C-A-U” “Ohhhh Cow!” they said to each other.

Pronunciation is just about the only problem with CAU, the Argentinian steakhouse facing the 'Heath.

The interior design is along the same vein as CAU’s more established restaurants at Kingston and Wimbledon.

There’s a swish modern feel to it with pretend grass on the ceiling and pictures of clouds plastered all over the walls.

It’s like being a happy cow on mind altering drugs, unaware you could be about to eat yourself.

Interior image for CAU at Blackheath

Expense hasn’t been spared on the layout with swivel chairs proving ultra comfortable.

The surroundings work perfectly with the spacious heath beyond the window - on this afternoon sadly obscured by screaming kids on funfair rides.

Perhaps another downside was having to squeeze past buggies containing better behaved children, being mollycoddled by financial services-working dads and stay-at-home mums but that's the scene just about everywhere in Blackheath - bar O’Neill’s - right now.

CAU at Blackheath

A tenderly cooked salt and pepper squid (£5.95) came first, served with chilli and spring onion and a sweet chipotle mayo sauce.

Being a Sunday the roast beef main was the obvious choice. At £15 it comes with Yorkshire pudding, roast carrots, roast potatoes cooked in beef fat, red wine gravy and - slightly left-field - onion rings.

Warming, comforting and the beef was delicious, while the fruits smoothies gave a much needed health boost.

For a final extravagance, a chocolate brownie (£5.95) served with toasted marshmallows and vanilla ice cream is a not to be missed dessert and churros (£4.95) - Argentinian doughnuts - are a temptation too much, dusted with cinnamon and served with dulche de leche.