A Blue Peter Badge might have made you top banana in the school playground.

But now you’re grown-up it’s The Breakfast Club pin that’s the business – a super-cool symbol of the iconic brand, which opens on the Wharf tomorrow (Friday). And all you need to do to get one is to slink into this vintage bubble’s diner-style booths. Part American Dream – candyfloss pink ceiling and quirky decor – part retro paradise – the tunes of Elton John and the environment sets the bar high for the food.

Despite the lateness of the hour, I order The Big Breakfast (£4.50) – a creamy, hearty milkshake crammed with sweet berries and oats. It’s a must although the time of calls for something stronger – a crisp, nicely priced Arcobello Prosecco (£22) paired well with a generous starter of olive, feta and paprika-dusted hummus (£5) served on grandma-style tin plates. As disco lights flash, You’ve Got Kale (£8) arrives.

Perfectly poached eggs ooze from a mountain of crunchy leaves marrying indulgent nuttiness with cranberry explosions on every forkful.

My friend had reservations, opting for the BC House salad with chicken (£11.50) in the diner setting, but branded it “king” due to its sumptuous meatiness.

Stars and striped dining prevailed with skin on chips with aioli dip (£3.60), pecan pie with vanilla ice cream (£4.50) and a deliciously Apple Cobbler (£4.50) standout options.

Pecan pie with vanilla ice cream (£4.50)

>The Bar

We sneak down through the kitchen of The Breakfast Club to find a take on the all-too-common speakeasy. After the retro chic of the restaurant this severely dampens the brand’s razor-sharp cool.

The music is heavy, intoxicating at times and it’s rammed – my shoes stick to the floor bringing back fuzzy memories of university raves.

The Pear Bourbon (£8) is only manageable for a sip, like a pear drop gone wrong. My friend’s Rose’s Bush (£8) tastes like medicine. But it’s the bitchy glares of the chuckling bar staff that prove unbearable and we leave 15 minutes in.

The Breakfast Club, Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RQ, 020 7078 9634, thebreakfastclubcafes.com .