‘Soft, pillow-like buns’ is how the menu describes the baps that encase either juicy pork belly, gooey plum sauce slathered duck or a cheesy aubergine patty.

And that’s the perfect way to describe these steamed Hirata buns - they are wonderful dim sum-style casings that need to be tried.

Don’t ignore the crispy Korean triple fried chicken wings either, which can be paired with a variety of equally delicious sticky sauces.

Some Asahi 'wallpaper'

But the fillings aren’t the only things on offer - with Japan’s microbreweries now booming after gaining traction on the market when the brewing industry was deregulated in the mid 1990s, there’s all sorts of beer concoctions being created.

The slightly pricey Echigo Koshihikari (£9.95) from the western coastal region of Niigata Prefecture is a light, slightly fizzy rice lager, whereas the Coedo Beniaka (£6.50) is made from sweet potato, giving a lot more depth and a very sweet taste with an ale texture.

Beer and Buns will only be at its home above K10 until July, so make sure you go.

Beer and Buns, Appold Street, beerandbuns.co.uk