For those who've been walking around Canary Wharf with their eyes closed the refurbishment of longstanding pub Cat And Canary has reached its end.

Reborn as The Tea Merchant , owner Fullers is set to open its doors on Monday, October 3.

Ahead of that we smuggled a crack team of Wharf workers inside to have a sneak peek.

Those who loved the Cat's dark interior will be disappointed, but lovers of light will rejoice as the refurbishment has seen the space opened up, designers preferring light blues and yellows to the heavy reds of the past.

There are also newly created private dining areas for those who prefer their repast to be taken beyond the reach of prying eyes. This is a pub that used to prioritise drink but now puts food first.

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Gracing the lunch menu are a plainly presented Chalcroft Farm burger (£14), a little more unusual almond and Parmesan crusted lemon sole and rump of Dorset lamb (both £18).

Alongside such mains, there's a focus on small plates for sharing and a fixed price offer of two courses for £15 and three for £18.

The verdict of our team was simply "sweet as". It remains to be seen whether things will be so successful when a ravenous lunch crowd are baying to be fed.

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