Something called BYOC East is about to officially open its doors beneath the James Cochran restaurant in the shadow of the Gherkin.

Promising the “spirit of the speakeasy”, curiously this prohibition flavoured joint springs from a premise of punters supplying their own booze and is an extension of successful venues in Covent Garden, Soho and Camden.

We always thought such underground drinking dens were the pushers rather than the receivers.

Instead guests at Bring Your Own Cocktail East pay £25 per person and to see the its bartenders go to work on their preferred liquor over a two-hour slot, using an array of tinctures, syrups and garnishes in a bid to create satisfactory blends.

This latest link in the five-strong chain offers 1,600 books in a basement available, presumably, to pass the time while waiting for smuggled in Babycham to be crafted into an even more elegant tipple.

Aside from the temptation to take along silly drinks (thus wasting money and everybody’s time), the other problem facing this City haunt is what to call it when arranging a date with friends.

We’ve decided Bee-Yock is probably the way to go rather than reading out the full acronym, which might take up most of the 25-minute journey from Canary Wharf via Liverpool Street .

We’ll let you know after we’ve attended the launch event on Wednesday, October 26 whether it’s worth popping to Tesco with a brown paper bag and heading west.

BYOC East in Bevis Marks, EC3A 7JA, is now open for bookings although it’s opening hours and, indeed, days are anybody’s guess from its opaque online reservation system.

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