Burger fans prepare those patty high fives, there’s a new meaty vendor in town.

Bleecker St. Burger’s van has popped up in Montgomery Square after travelling across London from its original home at South Bank.

The fast food joint opened in Canary Wharf with a 50% discount on a double cheeseburger on Monday, November 16, meaning you can get one of the massive sandwiches for £4.50.

Founder and former lawyer Zan Kaufman, opened Bleecker St. Burger in 2012, after he was so inspired by a patty and bun he tried at Zaitzeff, in New York’s East Village.

On the website Zan said: “Soon, I started moonlighting there in my free time.

“I wanted to know everything about this burger – how it was made, where the ingredients came from and how it tasted so damn good.

“When I moved to London a year later, I decided to leave my previous career behind for good.

“I bought an old van, converted it into a food truck and then this loud-mouthed American broad started grilling up burgers for hungry Londoners. This was the beginning of Bleecker St., named after my favourite street in Manhattan.”

The chain open its first permanent shop in Old Spitalfields Market in 2015, with beef coming from The Butchery in Bermondsey.